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Declaration of Independence

Officially sent to the Spanish Prime Minister on November 14, 2012


SAY, that the islands of Los Guedes, Coroa, Pescadores, Matador, Monteverde, and others are part of the Spanish possessions in the Pacific Ocean. These islands were never ceded nor transferred, as they were not included in the 1899 Spanish-German treaty, therefore they have remained Spanish.

Furthermore, and as a consequence of his treaty, Spain should retain certain rights on other islands ceded to the German Empire.

The Spanish Government is aware of these rights and possession, due to the report made by Emilio Pastor y Santos, and submitted to the Cabinet on January 12, 1949.

However, we understand that the Spanish Government has relinquished any claim over mentioned islands before international organizations, thus suspending its rights over them and abandoning its sovereign obligations. This relinquishment could carry serious consequences such as the obtainment of the rights of those islands by secondary countries, or their destruction because of natural phenomena.

This is why we have determined to assume the sovereignty of those islands, basing on the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples drafted by the United Nations on December 14, 1960.

So, in the name of Reason, and for the common well-being of these lands and of their present and future inhabitants.

CONSIDERING that Spanish Kingdom has consciously abandoned its sovereignty over its territories in the Pacific and its rights on them, derived from international treaties.

WE DECLARE the peaceful independence of the mentioned territories, taking possession of them in our own name, taking them under our government, and establishing them as a free and independent nation.

WE UNDERSTAND to proceed on what the law allows us since this Government does not consider those islands as part of its National Territory, space where we express our intention to comply with the current law.

Declared, solemnly, the Independence of these territories from Spain, we give them the name of OCEANA, assuming their government, announcing our determination to take possession of these islands and territories in our own name, conforming them as a subject of international law and providing them with a constitution based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We declare our conformity to submit ourselves to rules of international law, and the legality of each country in which we act, and we express the desire of having friendly and cooperation relations with all nations of the world, and specially with Spain.

In Madrid, on November 14, 2012

Oceana Gazette - Estado de Oceana


The Dux has appointed Don Elio Garcia Sariego, Marques de Isla Sariego, Ambassador of Estado de Oceana in Havana

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