Gobierno - Estado de Oceana


  • Official name RES PUBLICA OCEANA or State of the oceans, also STATE OF OCEANA
  • Bandera - Estado de Oceana Flag Two horizontal stripes, separated by wavy border. The two lower thirds are ultramarine and the upper is white
  • Escudo - Estado de Oceana Shield That of Grijalva, according to Cárdenas, in honor of the Spanish explorer, with a modified border. It is azure with gold bend framed with vert head dragons vert langued, a border of gules with five golden islands superimposed and the caption GRIJALVA in golden letters, as a header; and NIHIL VERITAS EST, on the flanks
  • Hymn Va pensiero, by Giusepe Verdi
  • Form of government RES PUBLICA
  • Head of state His Serene Augustus, dux
  • Metropolis Not established yet. Provisional Seat of the Government in Madrid (Spain)
  • Currency The Doubloon or Excellent (pending conversion)

Oceana is a postmodern state: physical, pataphysician, virtual and mental, which aims to take its place among the nations of the world.

The declaration of independence of Oceana is a performative act and irrevocable of full legal validity.

The State of Oceana bases its legitimacy on the third article of the Montevideo Convention of 1933: the political existence of the State is independent from its recognition by other States.

And aspires to validate the requirements established in that Convention to become in Subject of International Law: Permanent population, defined territory, government and capacity to enter into relations with other States.

The head of the state is His Serene Augustus, dux of Oceana, assisted by members of the Grand Council.

Oceana aspires to a democratic and republican system, once full sovereignty has been obtained. Until that moment an autocracy will be necessary to guarantee the establishment of structures of the State and its economic sustainability.

The Constitution of Oceana is being written up, and will be based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and on some fundamental points:

All human beings of the planet have the right to the citizenship of Oceana with no restrictions.

The Government of Oceana sympathizes with the movements created for the defense of the planet, of animals, and of their natural environments. It declares itself interested in the theories of decrease.

It rejects wild capitalism, usury, and privatization of community goods and their natural patrimony composed by land, water and air.

Oceana is an independent state. Is does not have a political position and does not wish any discussion or controversy of any ideas or with any nation. It is a pacific and neutral State.

The Government of Oceana considers religion as a subjective and personal aspect of certain human beings. Any religious system that has occasioned –o participated in- wars, conflicts or persecutions is incompatible with the ideas Oceana holds. Members of any credence can be citizens of Oceana as human beings, but the government of Oceana does not tolerate proselytism.

The sovereignty of Oceana does not wish to interfere in – and is not compatible with- the sovereignty of other States.

Oceana Gazette - Estado de Oceana


The Dux has appointed Don Elio Garcia Sariego, Marques de Isla Sariego, Ambassador of Estado de Oceana in Havana

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