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Due of the threats of Global Warming, the Government of Oceana studies the feasibility of ordering the construction of a floating island to the prestigious architectural studio Vincent Callebaut Architectures. The island could be anchored in Oceana waters or serve as a floating embassy.

The prototype Lilypad Project is inspired by the giant water lily and is made of polyester fiber and titanium oxide that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is a self-sufficient territory, endowed with renewable energies: solar, thermal, wind and tidal. Rainwater is collected in a lagoon located below sea level that works as a ballast for the structure. The project allows for the gradual development of the necessary infrastructure.

This floating ecopolis is designed for climate refugees and could provide services for the inhabitants of nearby territories and to the inhabitants of Oceana: health and emergency alert centres,; sports and cultural facilities: museums, schools, university centres and mediatheques. The island has the capacity for three marinas, and could accommodate up to 50.000 people.

A centre of marine investigation of global reference would complete the features.

The island will have a housing development for residents and visitors, whose mission will be to financially support the cultural and sports facilities, but Ocena can not and must not base its development on an intensive tourism that would prey on a unique environment, that is part of the world heritage.

Tourism in Oceana will be subjected to the minimum ecological impact. The Government will demand that the carbon emissions produced on all trips be compensated.

Other projects still being studied include a bioclimatic hotel designed by Alexander Remizov; the floating island Green Float, by the Shimizu Corporation; or the Floating Gardens by Studio Noach + Holtrop that could be destined to surfaces for plant growth.

Future solutions for a postmodern country.

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The Dux has appointed Don Elio Garcia Sariego, Marques de Isla Sariego, Ambassador of Estado de Oceana in Havana

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