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Flora and fauna

Coral reefs form the main ecosystem of the islands, both marine and terrestrial, as they form the land surface of most of the territories. 

Reefs are solid structures made up of the accumulation of coral skeletons and stone corals. The marine environment that is protected by the reefs is an important area of reproduction and breeding of marine species.

There are several types of tuna, barracuda, sailfish, marlin, and up to six of the seven existing families of marine turtles can be found. Some marine species are considered rare or are endangered, such as the dugong. Occasionally, different cetaceans, such as blue whales and sperm whales, swim in the waters of Oceana.

The vegetation includes hermatypic (soft) and ahermatypic (hard) corals, lots of seaweed and sea grass beds, and on the surface taro, coconut, breadfruit and banana trees, and different types of shrubs.

There are also a great variety of birds and insects, as well as various species of rodents and bats.

Oceana Gazette - Estado de Oceana


The Dux has appointed Don Elio Garcia Sariego, Marques de Isla Sariego, Ambassador of Estado de Oceana in Havana

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