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The exploitation of the resources of Oceana has been established as a business, which aspires, through a trading company, to support the structure and growth of the State, and to guarantee its viability and future.

Oceana is not a fraudulent business, a tax dodge, nor a mystification; does not persue obscure objectives. Oceana's Government is honest and its activities, legal.

The Government of Oceana does not pretend exploitation, nor any sort of rights on the natural resources of territories in the Pacific, nor authority over its legitimate inhabitants, beyond the ones that it can acquire legally.

Those individuals or legal entities that could be interested in acquiring a license, or in participating in any way in the development of an economic activity, must contact the Government of

The commercial activities that are being studied are:

  • The certification of citizenship of Oceana, through the issuing of Identity Documents and Passports.
  • The issuing of Oceana titles.
  • The issuing of cards and currency, as well as commemorative medals.
  • The recruitment of sponsorships and donations with promotional or advertising purposes.
  • The establishment of diplomatic and commercial legations.
  • The marketing of all type of souvenirs and gifts (t-shirts, pens, tea pots and crockery, key rings, lighters, silicone bracelets…)
  • The granting of licenses.
  • The transfer of rights for branding and packaging.
  • The organization of trips and expeditions.

All the activities will be carried out in accordance with the current legislation of each country and with the necessary reservations.

Oceana Gazette - Estado de Oceana


The Dux has appointed Don Elio Garcia Sariego, Marques de Isla Sariego, Ambassador of Estado de Oceana in Havana

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