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Welcome to Oceana

Oceana is a new State, established over the Old Spanish Territories in Oceania. This web site is a symbol of the sovereignty and a meeting place in which we celebrate our independence. Your are in your country, every human being has the right to be a citizen of Oceana. No restrictions.

Oceana is a postmodern nation (*).

Join us, and you will embark on a thrilling journey through our History, rich in amazing acts of entrepreneurs, discoverers that crossed the world without finding hardly anything and lost their lives in the effort; of nations devastated by crisis that had to sell themselves to the highest bidder; of empires ready to impose their rules without compassion, and of papal interventions. A history of patriotic demonstrations, and mysterious islands inhabited by cannibals and great witch doctors. You will also discover our path to independence. Events of the past that we should remember, because, as Mary Queen of Scots said, my future is my past.

We find ourselves in one of the most beautiful geographical regions in the world, unfortunately threatened by global warming. We share the Pacific Ocean with multiple political realities: independent states, Norwegian crown dependencies, French overseas dominions, kingdoms and colonies of the Commonwealth, free associated states and non-incorporated territories of the United States. Islands, dispersed in a sea of democracy.

Study the business possibilities that Oceana offers you, become a citizen.

Get to know our project for the future and meditate about the present, because, as José Lezama Lima wrote:

I would wish for nothing more than that the introduction to the study of the islands serve to integrate the myth that we lack. That is why I have presented the problem in its poetic essence, in the kingdom of eternal surprise, where, without directly running into the myth, it may appear to us as an unexpected surplus, in proof of punished sensitivity or of a humbleness of dialogue.

Welcome to Oceana, a country where History does not repeat itself.

(*) In accordance to the criteria of Robert Cooper: the increasing irrelevance of borders, the dissolution of distinctions between national and international affairs, mutual influence and reciprocal vigilance, the rejection of the use of force to resolve disputes, and a security based on transparency, openness, interdependence, and reciprocal vulnerability. Our Government is antidualist, it questions the authority of texts, considers that it is language that creates reality, and understands reality as perspective.

Oceana Gazette - Estado de Oceana


The Dux has appointed Don Elio Garcia Sariego, Marques de Isla Sariego, Ambassador of Estado de Oceana in Havana

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